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You’re preparing for the SSC CGL exam and wondering what cut-off scores you need to aim for to increase your chances of selection. Cut-off marks are the minimum scores required to move to the next round. They vary yearly based on exam difficulty and category reservations. Knowing the cut-off marks helps you set clear preparation targets. You’ll want to analyze past years’ scores to identify trends. Check cut-off scores for different categories and understand the factors that affect them. By doing so, you’ll get a better sense of what to aim for and how to adjust your study plan to reach your goal – and that’s just the starting point.

Key Takeaways

  • SSC CGL cut-off marks vary yearly based on exam difficulty, category reservations, and vacancy numbers.
  • Knowing past cut-off scores helps set realistic preparation targets and adjust study plans accordingly.
  • Cut-off marks are crucial for advancing to the next exam tier, with Tier-II requiring higher scores than Tier-I.
  • Analyzing past years’ cut-off trends and scores helps understand qualifying marks and enhances success chances.
  • Factors like category reservations, exam pattern changes, and vacancy numbers affect cut-off marks, making it essential to consider them while preparing for SSC CGL.


Category Assistant Audit Officer and Assistant Accounts Officer
Junior Statistical Officer (JSO) Other Posts
SC 137.54533 150.55987 89.08864
ST 131.03984 150.32888 77.57858
OBC 152.92049 167.19245 114.27651
EWS 154.80185 169.35896 102.35275
UR 158.36560 114.27651

The SSC CGL cut-off marks are like a line that decides if you can continue in the exam or not. They show the minimum scores you need to move to the next round. Understanding these cut-off marks is important to know where you stand in the competition.

Here’s how you can easily understand the SSC CGL cut-off marks:

  • Cut-off marks are like a filter to select the best candidates.
  • They help you see how well you need to score to pass each stage.
  • Check the cut-off scores for different categories like General, OBC, SC, ST, and PwD.
  • Look at the scores from past years to see the trends.
  • Knowing the cut-off marks helps you set a clear target for your preparation.

Tier-I Cut-Off

Understanding the Tier-I Cut-Off Marks

  • The Tier-I cut-off marks are super important for moving to the next exam.
  • You need to know these marks to see how well you need to do.
  • Looking at past cut-off marks can help you know what to aim for.
  • The cut-off marks can change each year based on how hard the exam is.
  • Let’s check out the cut-off marks for different years and categories to understand better.
  • Knowing the cut-off marks helps you plan your study and aim for a good score in the SSC CGL exam.

Tier-II Cut-Off

Now, let’s talk about the Tier-II exam in the SSC CGL. This part is a bit different because you have to write answers instead of choosing them. The marks you need to pass this stage change every year. Let’s see how the cut-off marks have been in the past to get an idea of what to expect.

  • The Tier-II exam needs higher scores than Tier-I.
  • It tests your writing skills.
  • The cut-off marks can go up or down each year.
  • Understanding the cut-off trends can help you plan better.
  • Adjust your study plan based on the cut-off patterns.
  • Aim higher if the marks are going up.
  • Focus on quality if the marks are going down.
  • Knowing the trends can improve your chances of success.

Final Cut-Off

To make it to the final selection of the SSC CGL exam, you need to know the cut-off marks. These marks change every year and depend on your category. Analyzing past trends will help you understand what scores you need to qualify.

Here are some simple tips to help you understand the cut-off marks better:

  • Look at how well everyone did in the exam.
  • Check how many job openings are available.
  • Understand the rules about reserved seats.

Factors Affecting Cut-Off

Factors Affecting Cut-Off:

  • Cut-off marks can change a lot each year for the SSC CGL exam.
  • Understanding what affects the cut-off is important for your preparation.
  • Reservation for different categories like SC, ST, and PwD impacts cut-off marks.
  • Changes in the exam pattern can also affect the cut-off marks.
  • More vacancies can lead to lower cut-off marks, while fewer vacancies can result in higher cut-offs.
  • Knowing these factors can help you prepare better and set realistic goals.


To do well in the SSC CGL exam, you need to know about the cut-off marks and what affects them. This will help you plan how to study and improve your chances of passing. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Understand the cut-off marks: These are the minimum scores you need to pass the exam.
  • Know the trends: Check how the cut-off marks change each year so you can set a target score.
  • Focus on areas to improve: Work on the subjects where you need more practice.
  • Set specific goals: Make a study plan with achievable targets.
  • Stay persistent: Keep trying and learn from your mistakes.
  • Be flexible: Change your study methods if needed to do better in the exam.


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