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Time management tips for CAT exam

Time management tips for CAT exam


How Should the CAT 2024 Exam Time Be Managed?

It’s critical to practice time management tips for CAT exam 2024. With a 120-minute exam duration, each of the three sections will have a 40-minute time limit. Candidates must correctly answer questions 42 through 48 in order to score well. It should be mentioned that throughout the test, switching between sections is not permitted. MBA candidates who want to do well on the CAT exam need to develop efficient time management techniques both before and after the test. While the amount of questions in each part could change, the total duration stays the same. It is crucial that candidates comprehend how to complete each part in the allotted time.

The following are some benefits of time management for the 2024 CAT exam:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Focused Attention
  • Adaptability

Toppers Thoughts on CAT Exam Time Management

When we discuss time management strategies for the CAT, we’re not only talking about the exam’s overall duration; we’re also talking about the sectional schedule. “Goal-setting theory,” one of the theories of time management, is predicated on the idea that an individual might be more motivated to complete any activity if they have a clear and defined goal to reach.

What Should You Ask Yourself Before Attempting CAT Time Management?

Without a question, the CAT differs greatly from entrance tests in that it asks applicants to respond to a lot of questions in a short amount of time. This means that applicants must decide which questions to answer and which ones to skip. For CAT 2024, effective time management is therefore essential. Accuracy and quickness are the two areas that applicants to IIMs must concurrently concentrate on. Recall that answering the right questions is more important in CAT than answering the most questions possible.

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For CAT 2024, why is it crucial to manage time effectively?

According to the CAT 2024 exam format, applicants will have 40 minutes to complete each given component. Candidates will need to complete both multiple-choice and TITA questions in 40 minutes each segment. It is now necessary for candidates to have a solid understanding of and ability to manage their time. The Pareto’s 80/20 rule, which asserts that 80% of a task may be finished with 20% of your effort, is the next time management theory to be discussed.

Time management tips for CAT Exam Before It Happens?


1.Create an appropriate schedule

Creating a timeline will enable candidates to proceed according to plan. Never forget that preparation should always come before action. The ABC System theory is another time management theory for CAT. It suggests that in order to use time more wisely, one must prioritize the things that must be completed.


2.Begin with the unknown

You should always start with the CAT syllabus themes that you are unfamiliar with or find challenging because you have a solid six to nine months of time on your hands.Make use of technology and conduct an online search for such subjects using Google, Bing, etc.Make sure to use time management techniques to solve problems in a clear and methodical manner.Make sure you get in touch with a few people who are on the same path as you and who are either preparing for the CAT or have done it before if you are having trouble understanding or finding any topics.

It is best to dedicate an hour a day to each topic and to take notes on it in order to begin tackling the unknown.


3.Work on Mocks Using Schedules

It is very encouraged to take mock exams in order to get a sense of what to expect on exam day for the CAT. The CAT sample test will assist applicants in self-evaluation, gaining a thorough understanding of the exam format, and determining the necessary level of preparation.
CAT 2024 mock tests are available for candidates to take both before and after preparation, based on their preferences.


4.Continue using the reverse strategy

Never try to focus your attention on inconsequential things. Use the reverse method to answer the previous CAT question papers, paying particular attention to the problems that are challenging to answer. Recognize the options and pay attention to the questions. Under the reverse technique, applicants must first review the available options before attempting to answer the question by selecting the best option.

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How Should I Manage My Time on Exam Day for the CAT?


Answer Simple Questions First:

On test day, it’s best to begin answering simple questions on your CAT question paper. In this context, “easy questions” refers to queries that candidates feel at ease answering; these are queries that are simple to comprehend, can be answered fast, and take less time. Finding these kinds of questions only gets easier if you are familiar with CAT time management. Mark questions that seem unclear or time-consuming so you can come back to them later. When taking the CAT in the test room, take some time to look over the questions before beginning a section. Candidates can view the full section in a single view by tapping the little button located in the upper right corner of the screen.


Try your hand at the last TITA questions:

Each year, the question paper for IIMs has more than five TITA questions. The lack of negative grading makes TITA questions appealing. Because there is no negative marking for TITA questions, candidates frequently squander a lot of time answering them because they forget they also have MCQs to complete. But candidates tend to overlook how time-consuming TITA questions are. From now on, it is best to complete the TITA questions after completing the multiple-choice questions for that specific section.


Establish an Average Time for Each Question:

It is important to establish an average time for each question prior to beginning the CAT question paper. If this isn’t possible, attempt spending an average amount of time on each component and, in addition, allow some extra time to go over your responses to make sure they are accurate.



Use the Reverse Strategy Try using the reverse strategy to answer tough and non-understandable multiple-choice questions in order to effectively apply the time management technique for the CAT.


Are you skilled at leaving?

It is essential to keep in mind that you are skilled at departing in order to save time and complete sectional time management for CAT. Ask the questions you believe are too tough, too time-consuming, or too far away. Leave them unanswered.


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