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How to improve VARC for CAT

How to improve VARC for CAT (2024)

CAT VARC Preparation: Exam Structure and Content

Before beginning the preparation process of how to improve VARC for CAT, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the CAT syllabus and exam format. Having a clever preparation plan from someone you know who has taken the CAT before is beneficial. However, in order to prepare for CAT, we must first determine the content and structure of VARC. The VARC part of the CAT 2023 exam consists of 24 questions out of a total of 66 questions, according to the paper format. The reading comprehension and verbal ability subsections of these questions are separated. There are sixteen questions on reading comprehension, compared to eight on verbal ability.

 The tentative syllabus and exam format for the VARC part of the CAT 2024 are provided below.


Section Detail
Total Questions for VARC 24
Multiple-choice Questions 21
Type in the Answer (TITA) questions 3
Division of questions 16 questions of RC- 4 passages having 4 questions each
8 questions of VA- 3 Para jumbles, 2 Odd Sentence Para completions and 3 Para summary
Total Time for Section 40 minutes
Main Topics Para jumbles, summary, facts, inferences, reading comprehension, etc.
Marking Scheme +3for a right answer
-1 for a wrong answer
No negative marking for TITA


 You will find over five reading comprehensions in a normal CAT VARC section, most of which are of a moderate difficulty and ranging from simple to challenging. Ideally, you should spend eight to ten minutes on each reading comprehension. You should allocate roughly forty minutes to the reading comprehension portion and reserve the remaining time for the verbal abilities test.

Verbal ability questions come in a variety of forms, including parajumbles, identify the sentence that doesn’t belong in a paragraph, and summary-based questions. These questions are typically easy to answer and have a high score, but they do call for quick thinking and dexterity. You don’t want to get lower grades in this area.


 Top MBA Entrance Exams Other Than CAT Use VARC Weighting

There are other options available to you if you intend to pursue an MBA in addition to CAT. You can also clear additional management aptitude tests to get into the college of your dreams. VARC is significant because it bears the following weight at each of these entrances:

MBA Entrance Exams No of Questions
XAT 26
MAT 40

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How to become better at VARC for CAT ?

1: Read everything you can

Reading as much as your schedule permits should be your aim for VARC. Aim to read for at least one hour each day. Anything that piques your attention can be read in a single day, including politics, technology, history, philosophy, and current events.

It’s crucial that you read the text and then examine it. You can read it as often as you’d like. Prioritize quality over quantity. You will discover details as you read it more than once that you missed the first time around. You will learn to absorb and comprehend more material in fewer attempts as you do this.

  • After reading it, reword it using your own words.
  • Write your thoughts about the manner of writing.
  • You may also disagree with the viewpoint.
  • Write about your likes and dislikes regarding the author’s viewpoint.It suffices even if you simply write the essay in your own terms. Simply follow through on this daily. You’ll be able to observe the development for yourself and discover just how much your writing and reading comprehension have advanced.

2: Expand your vocabulary

Make notes and annotations on the words you don’t understand as you read. Look up their meaning in the dictionary and write it down. Make a duplicate of this list or store it somewhere so you can refer to it later. You won’t commit it to memory unless you edit it.

It is more convenient to click on a word to find its meaning when reading on a laptop or mobile device. For such, a lot of browser addons exist. Examine it and put one in place. Double-clicking on any new word will reveal its definition.

You’ll learn hundreds of new words in a month, and after four to five months, you’ll have an extensive vocabulary of brand-new words.


3: Baby steps

Winning CAT is a significant task. Ideally, you should break your plan down into numerous, manageable steps. Small objectives are simple to achieve, inspire you, and provide inspiration. Segment large subjects and devote a week to each topic in its entirety. Assign daily exercises and levels to each topic. Sentence correction, critical reasoning, incomplete sentences, and reading comprehension are a few examples.

Make a study strategy or schedule for the CAT. Break up each subject into manageable tasks that can be completed in a few days or weeks. Make time each day to read. That or finish two to three RCs each day. Continue evaluating how you performed on the fake test and concentrate on your weakest areas.

Some candidates would rather set a daily goal of reading 20–30 pages of any novel. You can finish a book in two weeks in this fashion. Depending on your reading speed, this can equate to roughly 12–15 volumes over the course of the CAT preparation. Here, it’s important to strive to properly comprehend the few pages you do read rather than trying to read more.


4: Grammar

Grammar and primary math are similar. Like the majority of candidates, if you don’t think you understand English grammar completely, you can use a reliable grammar reference like the Wren and Martin. Understanding grammar principles will enable you to judge whether English is appropriate or inappropriate for communication. You’ll pick up on the language’s subtleties.

Find out what typical grammatical errors people make. You’ll surpass most folks in no time at all.


5: Practice and practice

In 3–4 months, you will be far superior to most applicants if you continue to practice regularly and with diligence, as instructed here. Compared to the quant and DILR, the VARC questions need significantly less time to complete. In fact, you can solve more VARC CAT questions than the other two parts in a given amount of time, which can greatly raise your CAT percentile. This indicates a significantly larger return on time invested.

Just keep in mind that the key is practice. After you start to improve, don’t let up because insufficient practice will also make you perform worse. It’s similar to cricket in that you improve with practice but deteriorate with a month or two of absence.


6: Mock tests

If there’s one thing you should always remember in addition to practicing questions, it’s completing mock exams. In addition to providing practice, mock exams aid in the development of your exam temperament. You have 60 minutes to complete the VARC for CAT in its entirety. This is insufficient. Your goal should be to answer 50–60% of the questions correctly. Before attempting more questions, raise your correct percentage.

Mock exams allow you to practice in addition to developing the VARC CAT strategy. as you may be aware. It is not a good idea to start solving the paper as soon as you receive it. Always take three to four minutes to go over the paper and choose which questions you can answer. Mark 50%–60% of the inquiries. First, find solutions for them. Next, verify if they are accurate. It’s best to tackle the unattempted questions in the remaining time.

Your ability to select questions will improve as you continue to practice. You’ll also be aware of your advantages and disadvantages. While it is advisable to focus on your weak areas throughout the preparation phase, you should focus more on your strong areas if you are running low on time for the CAT and don’t need to attempt the entire paper.

If you can’t see the answer coming, don’t spend more than 2.5 minutes on a single question. Your score on each question will be the same.


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