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You’re likely looking for the SSC CGL dates to plan your application and study strategy, as missing these important deadlines can lead to missed opportunities. The SSC CGL exam typically takes place in June and July, with application deadlines usually in March and April. Staying on top of these dates is vital to make sure you’re well-prepared for the exam. By tracking these significant dates, you can create a solid study plan, manage your time efficiently, and reduce exam-related stress. Now that you have an overview of the SSC CGL dates, you can start planning your way to success – and there’s more to explore to get you there.

SSC Calendar 2024-25 Exam Dates
Name of Examination Date of Exam
Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination (SSC CHSL)
SSC CHSL 2024 [Tier-1 Exam] 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th July 2024
Combined Graduate Level Examination (SSC CGL)
SSC CGL 2024 [Tier 1 Exam] September- October 2024
General Duty Constable (SSC GD Constable)
SSC GD Constable 2024 [Tier-1 Exam] December 2024- January 2025
Multi Tasking Staff (SSC MTS) 
SSC MTS 2024 [Tier-1 Exam] July- August 2024
SSC Selection Post
SSC Selection Post Phase 12 CBE 24th, 25th, 26th June 2024
Junior Engineer (SSC JE)
SSC JE 2024 [Tier-1 Exam] 5th, 6th, 7th June 2024
SSC Stenographer Examination 
SSC Stenographer 2024 CBT Oct-Nov 2024
SI in Delhi Police, CAPFs and ASI in CISF (SSC CPO)
SSC CPO 2024 Paper-I 27th, 28th, 29th June 2024

Key Takeaways

  • SSC CGL exam dates typically fall in June and July, with application deadlines announced beforehand.
  • The SSC calendar is essential for tracking important dates, facilitating organization, and reducing exam-related stress.
  • Missing deadlines can have negative consequences, so it’s crucial to follow rules and deadlines carefully.
  • The SSC website provides detailed information on exam schedules, eligibility criteria, and application procedures.
  • Effective time management and a comprehensive study plan are essential for successful SSC CGL exam preparation.


If you’re getting ready for the SSC exams, it’s important to know the SSC calendar. This calendar tells you all the important dates, rules, and events you need to know to do well in your exams. Knowing this schedule will help you plan better and reduce stress.

Here’s how the SSC calendar can help you succeed:

  • It shows you when to apply, study, and take the exams.
  • You must follow the rules and apply on time.
  • Missing deadlines or not meeting requirements can be bad, so stay organized.

Detailed Information on SSC Exams

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts exams at different times. Each exam has its own rules. Here are some key points to remember about SSC exams:

  • SSC offers exams like CGL, CHSL, and MTS.
  • Exams have different schedules and deadlines.
  • CGL is usually in June and July, while CHSL is in March and April.
  • Check the requirements for each exam, like education and age limits.
  • You can find exam details on the SSC website.
  • Understanding the schedule and requirements will help you prepare better.

SSC Exam Preparation Tips

If you want to do well in the SSC exams, you need a good plan. We’ll help you with that. Here are some tips to prepare effectively:

  • Understand the exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Make a study plan that covers all topics.
  • Divide your study material into small parts.
  • Focus on your weak areas.
  • Manage your time well.
  • Balance study with rest.
  • Use active learning methods like making summaries and flashcards.
  • Practice with mock tests and old question papers.
  • Stay organized and focused.

Importance of SSC Calendar

SSC Notification & Online Registration Dates
SSC Exam Names Notification Release Dates Online Registration Dates
Grade ‘C’ Stenographer Limited Departmental Competitive Examination, 2023-2024 05th January 2024 5th to 25th January 2024
JSA/ LDC Grade Limited Departmental Competitive Examination- 2023-2024 12th January 2024 12th January to 1st February 2024
SSA/ UDC Grade Limited Departmental Competitive Examination- 2023-2024 19th January 2024 19th January to 8th February 2024
Selection Post Examination, Phase-XII, 2024 26th February 2024 26th February to 26th March 2024
Sub-Inspector in Delhi Police and Central Armed Police Forces Examination, 2024 4th March 2024 4th to 28th March 2024
 Junior Engineer (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Quantity Surveying & Contracts) Examination, 2024 28th March 2024 28th March to 18th April 2024
Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level Examination, 2024 8th April 2024 8th April to 7th May 2024
Multi Tasking (Non Technical) Staff, and Hawaldar (CBIC & CBN) Examination 2024 May 2024 May to June 2024
Combined Graduate Level Examination, 2024 11th June 2024 11th June to 10th July 2024
Stenographer Grade ‘C’ & ‘D’ Examination, 2024 16th July 2024 16th July to 14th August 2024
Junior Hindi Translator, Junior Translator and Senior Hindi Translator Examination, 2024 23rd July 2024 23rd July to 21st August 2024
Constables (GD) in Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), NIA, SSF and Rifleman (GD) in Assam Rifles Examination, 2024 27th August 2024 27th August to 27th September 2024

Are you getting ready for your SSC exams? Having a good SSC calendar can really help you prepare well. A calendar helps you stay organized, focused, and on track with your studies. It’s super important to plan well if you want to do great in your SSC exams.

Here’s why having an SSC calendar is awesome:

  • Keeps track of important dates: You’ll know when to apply, when the exams are, and when the results will be out.
  • Helps you stay organized: You can plan when to study each subject and manage your study stuff well.
  • Makes time management easier: You can make sure to study everything by allocating enough time for each topic.
  • Reduces stress: You can feel calm and confident knowing you’re all set for your exams.


Now that you know about SSC exams and why they’re important, it’s time to get ready for them. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Stay motivated and focused on your goals.
  • Break your study plan into smaller parts.
  • Set specific times for studying and reviewing.
  • Use the SSC calendar to keep track of important dates.
  • Manage your time well by using techniques like the Pomodoro Technique.


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