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IBPS CLERK 2024 Salary Structure

IBPS Clerk 2024 Salary Structure

IBPS CLERK 2024 Salary Structure

The main reason why thousands of people apply for IBPS Clerk Recruitment each year is that the organization offers attractive pay for Clerical Cadre positions in addition to a host of other bonuses, incentives, and benefits. The candidates hoping to work in banking want to know everything there is to know about the IBPS Clerk salaries and benefits. We have discussed basic compensation, in-hand salary, job profile, clerk responsibilities, and career advancement for IBPS clerks in this article. The information provided in this article would be of interest to banking candidates who intend to apply for the next IBPS Clerk Exams and are wondering about the pay scale and opportunities for career advancement. Here the details regarding IBPS CLERK 2024 Salary Structure:

IBPS Clerk Salary Structure 2024

The pay scale for an IBPS Clerk is Rs. 19900–1000/1–20900–1230/3-24590–1490/4–30550–1730/7–42600–3270/1-45930–1990/1-47920, according to the IBPS CLERK 2024. As a result, the monthly base pay for an IBPS clerk might be anywhere from Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 30,000. The IBPS Clerk Salary Structure, which will be made available to candidates chosen in the IBPS Clerk 2024 Recruitment, is shown in the table below.

IBPS Clerk Salary Structure 2024
Basic Pay Rs.19,900/-
Dearness Allowance Rs.5209.82/-
Special Allowance Rs.4118/-
Transport Allowance Rs.757.08/-
CCA Rs.0/-
House Rent Allowance (HRA) Rs.2039.75/-
Gross Pay Rs.32,024.65/-
Deduction (NPS Fund, Union Fee) Rs.2570.98/-
Net Pay Rs.29453.67/-

Pay Scale for IBPS Clerk

IBPS Clerks start off with a monthly compensation package of roughly Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 30,000, which includes extra incentives like Dearness Allowance. Rs. 19900–1000/1–20900–1230/3-24590–1490/4–30550–1730/7–42600–3270/1-45930–1990/1-47920 is the pay scale for IBPS clerks.

Initial Basic Pay: Rs 19,900, with a Rs 1000 annual increase

Three years Later, the base pay is Rs 20,900, plus an additional Rs 1230 per year for the following three years.

After the following three years, base pay will be Rs 24,590, with an annual increase of Rs 1490 for the following four years.

Four years Later, base pay will be Rs 30,550, with an annual increase of Rs 1730 for the following seven years.

After the next seven years, the base pay will be Rs 42,600, with an annual increase of Rs 3270 for the next year.

After the following year, basic pay will be Rs 45,930 with an annual increase of Rs 1990 for the following year.

Maximum Basic Pay (Basic Pay) after the following year is Rs 47,920.

An IBPS clerk’s base salary ranges from Rs. 19,900 to Rs. 47,920 at the maximum.

IBPS Clerk Pay: Additional Benefits

The following explains the allowances in addition to basic pay:

Dearness Allowance: Four percent of Basic Pay is allocated to this component. Every three months, DA is updated based on the CPI.

Allowance for House Rent: The posting’s location determines the HRA. It is equivalent to 8.5% of Basic

Pay for Metro Cities: 7.5% of Basic Pay for Cities with Over 5 Lakh Population, and 6.5% of Basic Pay for All Other Cities.

Travel Allowance: The bank will cover the cost of the official trips and tours.

Medical Allowance: The fixed amount for IBPS Clerks is INR 2000. Every year, a medical allowance is given.

Special Allowance: This amount is fixed at INR 4118/- for IBPS Clerks.

Job Profile for IBPS Clerks

IBPS Clerk is an entry-level position that provides several opportunities and learning experiences. More possibilities will present themselves to you as you gain knowledge, leading to early growth.
The following describes the functions and responsibilities of the IBPS Clerk Job Profile:

  • Verification of the different records and evidence that the clients have provided
  • In charge of bank money, several vital documents, keys, etc.
  • Prohibition of withdrawals by clients
  • Keeping up with the bank’s numerous records, ledger, balance sheets, etc.
  • Resolving the clients’ diverse problems
  • Issuing cash receipts, demand drafts (DDs), customer bank accounts, etc.
  • Supplying details on the newest programs and directives from the government
  • Giving customers advice about a range of banking operations
  • Taking care of Treasury tasks
  • Updating account holders’ passbooks
  • Answering consumer inquiries
  • Other duties

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IBPS Clerk Promotions

Bank Clerk → Officer / Assistant Manager → Manager → Senior Manager → Chief Manager → Asst. General Manager → Deputy General Manager → General Manager.

IBPS Clerks have stable employment, a competitive income, and several opportunities for advancement within the banking industry. Performance-wise, progress and promotion seem highly desirable. To be eligible for a promotion, however, one must have worked for the company for at least two years. IBPS Clerks are eligible for promotion once every two years following two years of service. The two procedures listed below are used for promotions:

Normal method: JAIIB and CAIIB diplomas are not required for candidates to be promoted through this process. IBPS Clerks undergo an internal written exam and are promoted based on seniority and experience. IBPS Clerks who pass the written test advance to become Trainee Officers, Bank Probationary Officers, and finally POs.

Process based on merit: Candidates must possess JAIIB and CAIIB diplomas from the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance in order to be considered for the Merit-Based Process.

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