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How to get Admission in JBIMS?

How to get Admission in JBIMS?

How Should I Start My MBA/CET Preparation as I Want Admission in JBIMS?

Getting into Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) is a dream for many aspiring MBA students. Known for its prestigious reputation and excellent placement records, JBIMS is highly competitive, especially for those taking the Common Entrance Test (CET). If you are asking, “How should I start my MBA/CET preparation as I want admission in JBIMS?”, this blog is for you. Let’s dive into a strategic approach to ace your MBA/CET preparation and secure a seat at JBIMS.

Understanding the CET Cutoff for JBIMS

The cutoff for JBIMS through CET is notoriously high. For example, the cutoff for open category students can be around 99.93 percentile. This means you need to be among the top scorers in CET to gain admission. It’s recommended to aim for a Rank 1 in CET to ensure a buffer above the cutoff. The CET exam is unpredictable, and aiming for the top rank provides a safety net if you face unexpected challenges during the exam.

Why Aim for Rank 1?

Achieving Rank 1 is about creating a buffer. The MBA CET exam can be unpredictable; the difficulty level of your strongest section might vary, or you might spend too much time on a tough puzzle. Aiming for Rank 1 ensures that even if you score slightly lower than expected, you will still meet the cutoff for JBIMS. The student who secures Rank 1 scores significantly higher than the cutoff, providing a comfortable margin.

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Preparation Strategy

1. Focus on Weak Areas

To get into JBIMS, you cannot afford to have major weak areas. Identify your weak subjects and allocate more time to them compared to your strong areas. Strengthening your weak points will improve your overall score and balance your performance across all sections.

2. Balance Accuracy and Speed

In the CET, it’s crucial to balance accuracy and speed. There is no benefit in solving 100 questions with 100% accuracy if you can solve 200 questions with 50% accuracy. Experiment with different strategies during mock tests to find the optimal balance between accuracy and speed.

3. Save Time Through Better Methods

Since CET is a speed-based exam, look for ways to save time. This can be achieved through two methods:

  • Improved Techniques: Find quicker and more efficient methods to solve different types of questions.
  • Familiarity with Question Types: Extensive practice helps you become familiar with various question types, reducing the time spent on thinking and solving during the exam.

4. Enhance Calculation and Reading Skills

Fast calculation skills can save significant time during the exam. Practice regularly to improve your speed. Additionally, reading extensively helps in understanding questions faster, which is particularly useful for verbal sections and long logical reasoning questions.

Source of Preparation

Initial Phase

Start with standard class notes or books. These resources will give you a solid foundation in all subjects tested in the CET.

Practice Phase

For extensive practice, refer to banking exam websites. The CET is conducted by IBPS, which also conducts banking exams. The question patterns and difficulty levels are similar, making these resources ideal for practice.


Securing admission to JBIMS requires strategic preparation and dedication. By focusing on your weak areas, balancing accuracy and speed, improving calculation and reading skills, and using the right study materials, you can maximize your chances of acing the CET and achieving a high rank. Start your preparation early, stay consistent, and aim for the top to turn your dream of joining JBIMS into reality.

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