10 Reasons why to choose MBA in HR


10 reasons to do MBA in HR

What is MBA in HR ?

An MBA in HR or Human resource management is a two-year degree program. It focuses on the recruitment, management, and providing direction and guidance for the people who work in an organization. An MBA in HR program offers training and knowledge in managing the workforce of the organization. Master’s in human resource management courses are in the form of a specialized MSC or MBA degree. However, some business schools offer HR courses as a part of their general management degree



1.Roles of  MBA in Human Resources?

Every company needs an HR administrator to handle some of the core activities of the organisation. A professional with an MBA in HR can work in a wide range of industries such as colleges, schools, corporate firms, and even multinational companies. 

Some of the major jobs after MBA in HR are:

·        HR Manager

·        Senior HR Manager

·        Staffing Director

·        Compensation Manager

·        Technical Recruiter

·        Employee Relations Manager

·        Director of HR Training and Development

·        Employment or Placement Manager

 2.More job opportunities

By obtaining an MBA, you'll have numerous additional career positions available to you. Beyond an HR generalist position, you can work as an HR manager, senior HR manager, VP of operations, or an HR director. Each position offers its own set of unique opportunities and challenges, expanding the types of tasks you can do and the companies you can work with as you move forward through your career

3.Rewarding Benefits of MBA in HR

Graduating with an MBA degree in Human Resources, you will be equipped with an advanced-level knowledge of how corporate organisations work, employee management, hiring, recruitment, training and the like. Here are the most important benefits of pursuing MBA in HR


Instead of going for an ordinary advanced educational qualification, you can think about following an MBA. It will provide you with the prestige that you deserve, MBA is qualification, which has received the utmost respect from the employers , colleagues and clients. Therefore, you will be provided with a qualification, which you can be proud pf. On the other hand , the prestige offered to you with the MBA can help you to remain competitive in the industry as well.

5.Play a more active leadership role

With an MBA in human resources, you'll have more hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, its trends, regulation changes, and improvement steps. This amounts to new opportunities for you to make a difference. With a bachelor's degree, you may spend your time focusing on day-to-day tasks, but when you have an MBA, you'll be in more leadership roles making key decisions for the company.

6.Playing in the Upfront

The employees can work to their best potential only when they are well informed about the company as well as the upcoming trends both within and outside the organization. An HR has experience in the industry and tries to ensure that all people working in the organization are able to achieve growth. An MBA in HR allows one to play an active rolein the working of an organization.


7. Incredible level of insight

There are many reasons to invest in an MBA in human resources, but one of the best reasons to do so is for your own personal growth. The courses you take will be more advanced, but instead of a focus on procedures and regulations, this type of education can be more focused on understanding the trends and the reasons behind human actions. You'll learn organizational psychology and workplace learning. You'll learn how to help start a business and how to develop skills in other would-be human resource generalists. Your focus may be on employee development and skill improvement rather than just hiring


8.Advanced Salary

HR is known to be a dignified position in an organization allowing professionals to acquire better pay-scale and catch key positions in international organizations. Other factors which boost their credibility as professionals is their knowledge about their work, understanding the organization, cordial relationship with the team, drawn experience and proficiency and finally sincerity towards life.


9.Achieve Effective Leadership Standards

Human resource is all about managing staff which requires professionals to be strong leaders driving employees, earning their trust and solving disputes through effective communication. The MBA program me helps one in gaining an insight into efficacious management techniques and ace these skill


10.Greater Job Opportunities

An MBA in HR works as a catalyst in your professional career where companies are looking for enthusiastically cultivated individuals. Where the management board is already equipped with taking major company decisions, the team of human resources works closely with the company employees. A professional degree in HR opens the door to a wide range of job opportunities such as senior HR manager, HR manager, HR director, VP of operations, employee relations director, etc


Top MBA colleges for specialization  HR ( Human Resource) :

·         XLRI, Jamshedpur.

·         TISS, Mumbai.

·         MDI, Gurgaon.

·         IIM Ranchi.

·         SCMHRD, Pune.

·         XaHR, Bhubaneswar.

·         NMIMS, Mumbai.

·         Department of Humanities & Social Sciences,  IIT Kharagpur.



What is mhrd from JBIMS ?

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies offers 2 year full time Master degree program “Master in Human Resource Development (MHRD)”. The program is designed for aspirants with a strong desire to specialize in Human Resource Management. It focuses on developing HR leaders integrated with the Business as Partners. The program offers an extensive curriculum which includes a series of courses in various areas of Management apart from HR courses. These are multidisciplinary courses which are important for Strategic planning and Decision making. The major HR thrust areas are Talent Attraction, Compensation Administration, Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Welfare and Industrial Relations & Labour laws, Human Resources Information Systems and Learning & Development.

To read more about MHRD from JBIMS : Click here


Top companies who hire HR

1.    Amazon: Inc. is an American Multinational Company which was established in 1996 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon deals with e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming. The company is based in Seattle, Washington but operates in many other countries as well. It is one of the largest MBA recruiters specially in the field of IT, HR, Marketing and Retail.

2.    Apple: Apple inc. is also an American Multinational company based in Cupertino, CA. Apple is a tech giant which operates in many countries. The company designs, manufactures and retails electronic goods like mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. It is also one of the largest MBA recruiting companies who hires MBA from ivy league colleges.

3.    BCG: Boston Consulting Group is an American management consultancy company founded in 1963. BCG is one of the three largest strategy consulting firms. The company was ranked No.10 on Fortune’s best 100 companies to work for and hence boasts an excellent work environment. They recruit MBA graduates to work in their offices spread across 45 countries.

4.    JP Morgan: JP Morgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational bank and financial services providing company. The headquarters is in New York City in America. It is ranked as the largest bank in the United States and seventh largest in the world. They recruit MBA graduates who are well versed with investment, sales, private banking and its likes.

5.    Google: Google LLC is also an American multinational technology firm which is a leading web service provider and specialises in Internet-related services, search engine, cloud computing. It is based in California but operates in more than 100 countries. They are one of the largest MBA recruiters in the field of Marketing, HR and IT.

6.    Deloitte: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited is a multinational professional services network. It is an Anglo-American company based in London. MBA graduates hired are in the sector of Retail, Real estate, and Technology.

7.    Accenture: Accenture Plc is an Irish-American MNC, which employs more than 4 Lakh people. It is a fortune 100 company with massive revenue. The MBA candidates who are in the field of IT and Technology.

8.    Morgan Stanley: Morgan Stanley is an Multinational Investment banking and finance firm based in New York City. The company recruits MBA graduates with financial background. IT is one of the highest paying recruiters.

9.    AT Kearney: Kearney is an American MNC which specialises in management consulting. Founded in 1926, it is based in Chicago. The company recruits a lot of MBA graduates yearly.

10.                       Microsoft :  Microsoft Corporation is an MNC which specialises in Technology. Microsoft develops and sells computer software. It was founded in 1985 and hires MBA graduates from in finance, marketing, operation and sales.