The Definitive GMAT Preparation Guide by Planet E GMAT Prep School: Success Sutra for Indian students Seeking Masters in managemen


The Definitive GMAT Preparation Guide by Planet E GMAT Prep School: Success Sutra for Indian students Seeking Masters in management (MIM) or Masters in business Administration (MBA)


Preparing for the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a crucial milestone for Indian students seeking higher education opportunities abroad. This comprehensive guide by Planet E classes offers tailored strategies for success, covering the GMAT syllabus structure, question weightage per section, exam duration, intake periods by universities and business schools worldwide, and a special detail on how many times an Indian student can appear for the GMAT.



Syllabus Structure


The GMAT syllabus comprises four main sections:

·        Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

·        Integrated Reasoning (IR)

·        Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

·        Verbal Reasoning (VR)


Weightage of Questions per Section:

Understanding the weightage of questions per section is vital for effective preparation:

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

1 essay question (scored separately)

Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

31 questions

Integrated Reasoning (IR)

12 questions

Verbal Reasoning (VR)

36 questions



Exam Duration:

The GMAT exam duration is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Managing time effectively during the exam is crucial to completing all sections within the allocated time. Planet E would also like to highlight that the GMAT aspirant will get sufficient break between each section.


Intake Periods by Different Universities and Business Schools:

Universities and business schools have various intake periods for accepting GMAT scores. Indian aspirants should research and understand the intake periods of their target institutions to align their GMAT preparation and application timelines accordingly. Planet E will create a separate blog on each university ranked among top 5 of different countries across US, Europe and more. One can always connect with Planet E for personalized counselling for tailormade guidance on study abroad and overseas education. Get free MIM & MBA Counselling at planet E.


Frequency of GMAT Attempts:

Indian students can take the GMAT exam up to five times in a rolling 12-month period, with a maximum of eight attempts overall. It's essential to plan attempts strategically to allow for adequate preparation and improvement between attempts.



Strategies for Success: Planet E’s Success Sutra


·        Understand the Exam Format: Familiarize yourself with the GMAT format, question types, and scoring system to develop effective preparation strategies. Tips shared by planet E in previous blog.

·        Create a Personalized Study Plan: Tailor your study plan to address your strengths and weaknesses, allocating sufficient time for each section.

·        Practice Regularly: Utilize official GMAT practice materials and mock tests to improve speed, accuracy, and familiarity with the exam structure. To buy your study package contact Planet E.

·        Seek Professional Guidance: Consider enrolling in GMAT preparation courses by top coaching classes such as Planet E in Mumbai etc or working with a tutor to receive expert guidance and support in or as per availability in your city.

·        Manage Test Day: Plan logistics for test day in advance, including transportation, required identification, and necessary supplies.

·        Stay Confident: Maintain a positive mindset and confidence in your abilities as you prepare for the GMAT.


The strategy mentioned above are best as per Planet E’s expertise. By following these strategies and understanding the GMAT syllabus, question weightage, exam duration, intake periods, and frequency of attempts, Indian aspirants can enhance their preparation and maximize their chances of success in the GMAT, opening doors to exciting opportunities in higher education abroad.