The growth trajectory of Planet.E from a larva to a butterfly has been bittersweet. The challenges were aplenty and obvious teething troubles were to be faced. From setting up on its own ground. Innovating and improvising every step it took towards its goal of education fulfillment, undertaking solid market. research to study the needs and requirements of the demanding education industry, footing the bill for inefficiencies, Planet.E has come a long way in its search and research to be a perfect podium for professionals in the making. Planet.E, as known today, began its modest yet promising journey in the year 2010. With the basic Infrastructure and limited student bose (read two students), it went on to become a name to reckon with in a short span of two years.


Planet.E was formed keeping in mind these adversities, to prevent the meticulous, hardworking, goal oriented, diligent and highly driven professionals in the making, from the onslaught of such rambunctious institutes, to thrive on and further the endearing and respectful guru-shishya parampara! The present era, the education industry is inundated with rickety institutes which seem promising to the naked eye and hence are flourishing unabashedly. There are no stop-gap solutions available when it comes to knowledge and learning. This has created a demand-supply gap in the industry which has been Constantly increasing due to lax laws and the omnipresent loopholes.

Agenda and Achievements

We believe in the maxim Children are not CARELESS. Children are CARED LESS. Hence, working towards building future leaders through our concrete Performance is our raison d’etre. Through the devotion of our esteemed faculty members. meticulous and goal driven core team. out-of-the box teaching and training methods, Planet.E has churned out 3000+ satisfied, successful and well placed individuals in a short span of time.

Vision and Objective

Planning and providing a promising platform to the posterity in placing them well in their professional arena and ensure them a patterned and plausible success. To meet the reqirements of the Industry efficiently. to deftly handle the concerns of the pupils to overhoul the tepid system of learning. to procreate astounding opportunities for the pupils and self by constant study of the industry and market research. and to make learning an enjoyable experience. We know what being a student is. Their difficulties, their issues, their strengths, their weaknesses, their goals and their loopholes, are well known to us. Hence, we aspire and penspire to achieve an equilibrium where students from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds are treated with equality and where knowledge is imparted to them with full justice and enthusiasm.