English Vocabulary

Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary


You must be wondering why every competitive exam gives importance to English as a subject. It is because English forms an integral part of our day to day communication. Now, as you have understood the importance of studying it we can continue with how to do this.

The most important thing that an aspirant should do to increase vocabulary and improve language skills is to read a lot. The next question that might come to your mind is what should you read? Answer is pretty simple: Read whatever you are interested in to start with.

Read/Write: Whenever you learn a new word, write it’s meaning from the dictionary, learn the meaning and frame a sentence. Now here’s an important thing, whenever you find a new word, try to learn more words out of it. Look for its different forms (noun, verb etc.), synonyms and antonyms. By doing this regularly you will realise that your understanding of the language will improve a lot.



The above words have meanings which are close to each other. You are advised to go through the list. Once you go through the meanings of the word you will figure out the meaning is close to “Beginner or Inexperienced.” So if you can remember these words under one common meaning, it will help you learn a lot of words in a short span of time.

Learn through roots: Another way of learning words is through roots (suffix/prefix). You can build cluster of words on the basis of roots as shown in the example below:


Listen: Learning through listening is a great way of learning words in the era of Netflix. Some of the movies have an option of audio description which explains the current scene. You can also keep the subtitles on and note the words which you can’t figure the meaning of. You can also listen to Ted talks from ted.com and note down the words which you don’t recognise.

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